Haters gonna hate!

This will be a short one. I recently had a customer comment twice on my blog post about an issue he had with a delivery and how "It's only a matter of time before I go back to my spreadsheets". He then commented again saying how "I only post the good comments".

Well, I apologize for any issues that one person may have with one single delivery, but let's just put this in perspective. So what your saying is that because one of my delivery companies drivers, did not meet your expectations, I should shut down my business and go back to a desk job? That you can't email our customer support which I monitor and explain the issue you had? Or possibly talk with our chat support to resolve the issue? Or maybe call the number provided on the shipping confirmation to discuss?

Instead, the best thing you can think to do, is cowardly comment on a blog where I express my inner thoughts and emotions of how I started this business from my bomb shelter? This is the problem with social media and internet communications, people get "internet muscles" and think they can bully other people, because there is no repercussions to their actions. 

So what am I getting at? For those of you out there subjected to scrutiny online via social media or other channels, know that your not alone. Businesses face it, people face it, we put our lives out there to be judged, and we express ourselves just to be ridiculed, but for that one comment I got, I have gotten 10 times that saying how happy my customers are.

There will always be issues, in my case, deliveries run into trouble, and we are constantly improving and learning, but I will not give up.

Regarding the "go back to your spreed sheets", well, I have. I now work a full time job again to supplement my income to pay for my daughters health insurance and college savings, but I don't mind.

The doers out there do what need to be done to continue on, we don't post angry comments on social media, we address issues like proper human beings. 

Keep on growing!


June 29, 2016 by Mike S
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