An inspiring customer just made my year!

There are times throughout the day, or the week, where I am super discouraged.. but luckily today is not one of those days! 

I was busy doing some back-end accounting work when my retail sales manager told me about a customer on the online chat, who was giving some really good feedback. I decided to post the entire conversation here so you all can take a look! 

A big thanks to Mark (our sales manager) for all the hard work and great customer service! 

Also a huge thank you to our dedicated customers who apprecaite all the hard work we put in, without you guys we wouldn't be here and its our commitment to you that we will always maintain our low prices and quality service! 

April 18, 2017

Mark - 1:00 AM
Hi there!
Visitor 85612649 - 1:02 AM
hi, is there any delivery costs?
Mark - 1:02 AM
If its worth $100 and over, the shipping is free
Here's all the info on the shipping charges:
Orders under $100 are a flat $6 shipping rate and under $20 are a $10 shipping rate.
Delivery Days: Monday - Saturday
Delivery time : 10 AM to 10 PM
*Delivery team will be in touch to coordinate with the schedule
Cut off for next day delivery is 2pm.
For every failed delivery there is an $8 restocking fee.
You will receive an email shipping confirmation on the day of your delivery.
Please note for any returns or exchanges there will be an $8 redelivery fee. This includes if you do not open the product. If you open the product no returns/exchanges will be allowed.
Payment Options:
You can select either COD or pay via credit card or paypal at check out.
You can also see all the delivery info here:
Visitor 85612649 - 1:08 AM
may i know if right now i state 2 supplements im looking at,
would you be able to know their expiry>
Mark - 1:08 AM
Im not in the warehouse so I don't have access to the exact expiry dates. All of the expiry dates should be 1-2 yrs unless otherwise indicated
Visitor 85612649 - 1:12 AM
ok. are you able to stay for awhile until i finish check out ?
Mark - 1:12 AM
No problem! :)
Visitor 85612649 - 1:13 AM
i have selected delivery date.
it was thursday. is there a time to choose?
Mark - 1:14 AM
Great. We do not give specifics wit the time because it depends on the number of orders a day and location
Our delivery team will be in touch though to coordinate with the schedule on the delivery date
Visitor 85612649 - 1:17 AM
i may not be able to listen to calls when working
are we able to request for them to message?
Mark - 1:17 AM
No worries as they will also be txting yoi
If ur not done checking out
You can add special request on the notes
And we will try to fulfill your request
Visitor 85612649 - 1:18 AM
wow nice. can i also ask for them to deliver at lets say 7 to 9? I know this might not happen ( as you explained just now), but worth the try since there's this request space right there?
Mark - 1:19 AM
Sure sure no problem u can put it there but as a reminder our delivery time is from 10 am to 8pm only
Visitor 85612649 - 1:21 AM
whats the difference between smart shaker and solid shaker?
ok thanks
Mark - 1:23 AM
Smart shaker has a compartment flr your pills
Visitor 85612649 - 1:24 AM
personally do you think its more worth it to get smart for $6 or the $3 one?
Mark - 1:26 AM
It actually depends. If you're someone who doesn't carry pills then just get the $3 one. But if you have pills, it is convenient to have a shaker bottle that has a compartment for it. That way you'll only have the shaker with you
Visitor 85612649 - 1:28 AM
thank you
is there any discount code now?
Mark - 1:29 AM
Welcome! Oh im sorry but we dont, if you sign up tough, we send emaila if we have an ongoing promo. Also having an account with us will allow you to earn points every time u purchase
You can check the loyalty points tab for more details
Visitor 85612649 - 1:32 AM
ok i did not sign up. but next time i will. completed order at 102+6 dollars.
i know at this hour you won't expect the following thing that i have to say. do i have 5 minutes to share ?
Mark - 1:33 AM
Oh sure no problem :)
That should be free shipping already be its more than $100 :)
Visitor 85612649 -1:34 AM
firstly i understand the owner is based in usa. just curious are you a singaporean staff/affiliate of him , so now your time is 1.34 a.m?
after your next reply i'll say my share
Mark - 1:35 AM
I do follow sg time so yes you are right
Visitor 85612649 - 1:41 AM
i want to say that, i know there are those behemoths out there like nutrifirst, fitlion, thesupplementwarehouse (maybe less so) etc. But it looks like gymshack is pretty under-the-radar. Such a good website interface, neat and no bull. Everything is straight to the point. Prices are all cheap. More people should know of gymshack. The musclepharm fish oil retails at $25 or so for those big supplement companies, and the lowest ever is $22 sold under fitlion. But it was just $20 for gymshack. The creatine I bought also surprised me with its price, as there's the effort put in to make it one dollar cheaper than the already cheapest retailed one out there. I really like the pricing. Making it 1-5 dollars less than other retailers lets us consumers really feel good. We don't feel good just because we spend 1 dollar less. I feel good because it's like I can feel the effort put in to really go the extra mile to give us consumers as much value as can be. I'm not happy over the 1 or 2 dollars; I'm happy about the whole neat setup and theme of Gymshack, its humble presence, its hard work, and it striving to be the cheapest out there, even though (presumably) it's not the biggest. More people should know of gymshack.
Then the fact that you answered my questions at this hour, and answered very well, is very much appreciated. I can only say, hard to come by these days. Therefore leading to that above question of whether you're like a staff based in SG now. (no matter what the answer is, it makes no difference though, very heartwarming help rendered to consumers online).
By the way I'm a very high level athlete in a lifting sport. I need my fish oil and creatine very promptly. It affects a lot of things. I was refreshing those 3 websites' stock for one week straight. They keep on being out of stock. Yes, that means their business is very good, no doubt. But if your business is good to the extent that you keep on being out of stock and you're not the cheapest, no point too, right? I'm quite surprised at Gymshack's very reasonable pricing. Suffice to say for now that I'm going to be near to reaching a world record in a certain event within 5 years. So, just to tell you that this feedback was given by quite a high level athlete muhahah. Peace out. Gymshack helped someone get his staple supplements in time.
Mark - 1:52 AM
Thank you! Thank you so much! We know we have other competitions and some are even bigger ones, but having to hear these kinds of feedback really motivates us to continue to work hard in providing the best service for our customers (be it the price or customer service). Knowing that this feedback we just received is coming from a high level athlete, it makes us feel more appreciated. We do want to be a part of your journey to reaching that world record! The best of luck to you! we look forward to having a great relationship with you in the future. Again we truly appreciate your feedback to us.
Visitor 85612649 - 1:56 AM
no problem Mark. You are welcome, and thanks too. (y)
failed thumbs up icon ha.
April 19, 2017 by Mike S

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