There is someone out there, right now, trying to steal your business.

This is the understatement of a lifetime. When you have a career, you have a paycheck, you have your bills, your rent and you have your savings. For the most part it is stable. When you are an entrepreneur, a true entrepreneur, you must live every day, every second, like there is someone out there trying to steal your business, your customers, your ideas, and sometimes, your money. This is true on all accounts, from every aspect, and at all times.


Why do I start a blog post like this, so negative? For me, it’s not negative it is the truth, and my reality every day. I am a true believer that competition breeds success. You are only as strong as your next strongest competitor, and you should constantly look at the competitor behind you, as well as the one ahead of you. For me, to those honest, formidable competitors, I say bring it on! Maybe we will work together some day! Most companies are out to do the same as me, provide for their families, and try to earn a profit. But there are a few, a small few that are malicious, clueless, and have no morals. Who am I referring to? I received a “lawyer” letter from a company who in my view is the very bottom of the pack, a complete joke, claiming I cannot sell the same products as them, and then asking me to buy from them. If you are reading this I’m sure you know who you are, coward. To my fellow competitors who probably received the same letter, you are not alone, and a company like this will NEVER survive, so don’t stress it too much :)


Ok, enough of my rant, karma. On a lighter side, I just wanted to again thank the readers of this blog and my customers who are loyal and dedicated. I like to have an idea of the Gym Shack customer. The guy or girl who walks down the street and has the confidence in them to tackle the world, one gym session at a time. Remembering “what we do in life, echoes in eternity.” – quote from one of the greatest movies ever made. Actually that would be a good future post, who is the Gym Shack customer? Any ideas? Leave them below.

For those of you who follow my Instagram (there is a link at the bottom of this page), you’ll also know that my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in March. I couldn’t be more excited to be a dad, and cannot believe that it’s actually happening. I’m sure many of you have kids, or maybe are kids yourself, but when I first found out my outlook on life completely changed, and a strange feeling of purpose came over me. My purpose in this life is to be a great husband to my wife, a great father to my kids. Future blog posts to come.


On the business side, we are working hard to 1. Stay in stock 2. Bring in the new products and flavours that you guys are requesting. 3. Keeping our prices low despite the inflating dollar. All of these things have a direct effect on our business, and these are my main goals as the business owner. We are also looking at new locations and increasing our presence in the USA. We have also reached a deal to bring in a new brand, unknown, and unsold in Asia, and we will be the first. More updates to come on this one.


Personally, once our daughter is born we will all be making a trip to Singapore. During this time I will definitely set up a meet and greet for anyone who is interested to come down to the warehouse and chat. I am not in Singapore for most of the year and I don’t claim to be, but Singapore holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I met my beautiful wife, started my business, and met a lot of great people.


Until next time… (leave your comments below, I like to see what you guys think)



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January 24, 2015 by Mike S
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Sajith said:

Hi Mike,

I am happy with customer service and the pricing your website provides. Thought I will let you a note saying “thank you”. I used to a member of nutrifrist then I realize some of the price in their website is overpriced and always out of stock.

I was at their garage one time and didn’t find it very helpful either may be because of too much of customers. I think it was a right decision to tap that market and will do my part to spread the word for you.


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