An inspiring customer just made my year!

There are times throughout the day, or the week, where I am super discouraged.. but luckily today is not one of those days! 

I was busy doing some back-end accounting work when my retail sales manager told me about a customer on the online chat, who was giving some really good feedback. I decided to post the entire conversation here so you all can take a look! 

A big thanks to Mark (our sales manager) for all the hard work and great customer service! 

Also a huge thank you to our dedicated customers who apprecaite all the hard work we put in, without you guys we wouldn't be here and its our commitment to you that we will always maintain our low prices and quality service! 

April 18, 2017

Mark - 1:00 AM
Hi there!
Visitor 85612649 - 1:02 AM
hi, is there any delivery costs?
Mark - 1:02 AM
If its worth $100 and over, the shipping is free
Here's all the info on the shipping charges:
Orders under $100 are a flat $6 shipping rate and under $20 are a $10 shipping rate.
Delivery Days: Monday - Saturday
Delivery time : 10 AM to 10 PM
*Delivery team will be in touch to coordinate with the schedule
Cut off for next day delivery is 2pm.
For every failed delivery there is an $8 restocking fee.
You will receive an email shipping confirmation on the day of your delivery.
Please note for any returns or exchanges there will be an $8 redelivery fee. This includes if you do not open the product. If you open the product no returns/exchanges will be allowed.
Payment Options:
You can select either COD or pay via credit card or paypal at check out.
You can also see all the delivery info here:
Visitor 85612649 - 1:08 AM
may i know if right now i state 2 supplements im looking at,
would you be able to know their expiry>
Mark - 1:08 AM
Im not in the warehouse so I don't have access to the exact expiry dates. All of the expiry dates should be 1-2 yrs unless otherwise indicated
Visitor 85612649 - 1:12 AM
ok. are you able to stay for awhile until i finish check out ?
Mark - 1:12 AM
No problem! :)
Visitor 85612649 - 1:13 AM
i have selected delivery date.
it was thursday. is there a time to choose?
Mark - 1:14 AM
Great. We do not give specifics wit the time because it depends on the number of orders a day and location
Our delivery team will be in touch though to coordinate with the schedule on the delivery date
Visitor 85612649 - 1:17 AM
i may not be able to listen to calls when working
are we able to request for them to message?
Mark - 1:17 AM
No worries as they will also be txting yoi
If ur not done checking out
You can add special request on the notes
And we will try to fulfill your request
Visitor 85612649 - 1:18 AM
wow nice. can i also ask for them to deliver at lets say 7 to 9? I know this might not happen ( as you explained just now), but worth the try since there's this request space right there?
Mark - 1:19 AM
Sure sure no problem u can put it there but as a reminder our delivery time is from 10 am to 8pm only
Visitor 85612649 - 1:21 AM
whats the difference between smart shaker and solid shaker?
ok thanks
Mark - 1:23 AM
Smart shaker has a compartment flr your pills
Visitor 85612649 - 1:24 AM
personally do you think its more worth it to get smart for $6 or the $3 one?
Mark - 1:26 AM
It actually depends. If you're someone who doesn't carry pills then just get the $3 one. But if you have pills, it is convenient to have a shaker bottle that has a compartment for it. That way you'll only have the shaker with you
Visitor 85612649 - 1:28 AM
thank you
is there any discount code now?
Mark - 1:29 AM
Welcome! Oh im sorry but we dont, if you sign up tough, we send emaila if we have an ongoing promo. Also having an account with us will allow you to earn points every time u purchase
You can check the loyalty points tab for more details
Visitor 85612649 - 1:32 AM
ok i did not sign up. but next time i will. completed order at 102+6 dollars.
i know at this hour you won't expect the following thing that i have to say. do i have 5 minutes to share ?
Mark - 1:33 AM
Oh sure no problem :)
That should be free shipping already be its more than $100 :)
Visitor 85612649 -1:34 AM
firstly i understand the owner is based in usa. just curious are you a singaporean staff/affiliate of him , so now your time is 1.34 a.m?
after your next reply i'll say my share
Mark - 1:35 AM
I do follow sg time so yes you are right
Visitor 85612649 - 1:41 AM
i want to say that, i know there are those behemoths out there like nutrifirst, fitlion, thesupplementwarehouse (maybe less so) etc. But it looks like gymshack is pretty under-the-radar. Such a good website interface, neat and no bull. Everything is straight to the point. Prices are all cheap. More people should know of gymshack. The musclepharm fish oil retails at $25 or so for those big supplement companies, and the lowest ever is $22 sold under fitlion. But it was just $20 for gymshack. The creatine I bought also surprised me with its price, as there's the effort put in to make it one dollar cheaper than the already cheapest retailed one out there. I really like the pricing. Making it 1-5 dollars less than other retailers lets us consumers really feel good. We don't feel good just because we spend 1 dollar less. I feel good because it's like I can feel the effort put in to really go the extra mile to give us consumers as much value as can be. I'm not happy over the 1 or 2 dollars; I'm happy about the whole neat setup and theme of Gymshack, its humble presence, its hard work, and it striving to be the cheapest out there, even though (presumably) it's not the biggest. More people should know of gymshack.
Then the fact that you answered my questions at this hour, and answered very well, is very much appreciated. I can only say, hard to come by these days. Therefore leading to that above question of whether you're like a staff based in SG now. (no matter what the answer is, it makes no difference though, very heartwarming help rendered to consumers online).
By the way I'm a very high level athlete in a lifting sport. I need my fish oil and creatine very promptly. It affects a lot of things. I was refreshing those 3 websites' stock for one week straight. They keep on being out of stock. Yes, that means their business is very good, no doubt. But if your business is good to the extent that you keep on being out of stock and you're not the cheapest, no point too, right? I'm quite surprised at Gymshack's very reasonable pricing. Suffice to say for now that I'm going to be near to reaching a world record in a certain event within 5 years. So, just to tell you that this feedback was given by quite a high level athlete muhahah. Peace out. Gymshack helped someone get his staple supplements in time.
Mark - 1:52 AM
Thank you! Thank you so much! We know we have other competitions and some are even bigger ones, but having to hear these kinds of feedback really motivates us to continue to work hard in providing the best service for our customers (be it the price or customer service). Knowing that this feedback we just received is coming from a high level athlete, it makes us feel more appreciated. We do want to be a part of your journey to reaching that world record! The best of luck to you! we look forward to having a great relationship with you in the future. Again we truly appreciate your feedback to us.
Visitor 85612649 - 1:56 AM
no problem Mark. You are welcome, and thanks too. (y)
failed thumbs up icon ha.
April 19, 2017 by Mike S

Haters gonna hate!

This will be a short one. I recently had a customer comment twice on my blog post about an issue he had with a delivery and how "It's only a matter of time before I go back to my spreadsheets". He then commented again saying how "I only post the good comments".

Well, I apologize for any issues that one person may have with one single delivery, but let's just put this in perspective. So what your saying is that because one of my delivery companies drivers, did not meet your expectations, I should shut down my business and go back to a desk job? That you can't email our customer support which I monitor and explain the issue you had? Or possibly talk with our chat support to resolve the issue? Or maybe call the number provided on the shipping confirmation to discuss?

Instead, the best thing you can think to do, is cowardly comment on a blog where I express my inner thoughts and emotions of how I started this business from my bomb shelter? This is the problem with social media and internet communications, people get "internet muscles" and think they can bully other people, because there is no repercussions to their actions. 

So what am I getting at? For those of you out there subjected to scrutiny online via social media or other channels, know that your not alone. Businesses face it, people face it, we put our lives out there to be judged, and we express ourselves just to be ridiculed, but for that one comment I got, I have gotten 10 times that saying how happy my customers are.

There will always be issues, in my case, deliveries run into trouble, and we are constantly improving and learning, but I will not give up.

Regarding the "go back to your spreed sheets", well, I have. I now work a full time job again to supplement my income to pay for my daughters health insurance and college savings, but I don't mind.

The doers out there do what need to be done to continue on, we don't post angry comments on social media, we address issues like proper human beings. 

Keep on growing!


June 29, 2016 by Mike S

Cruising at 37,000 feet

I am somewhere between Singapore and Japan on a 7 hour ANA flight, after this I will be on a 13 hour flight from Japan to Washington DC. Then I will make one more flight from Washington DC to Raleigh, North Carolina. Don’t know where that is? You might need to look it up. A total of 25 hours travel and this is the… 6th time I have done this year. I woke up at 3am, my flight was at 6:30, so why 3 am? Because I needed enough time to answer emails before I left. Let me try to remember, there was one to a video production company based in California on a project I am working on to help launch one of our newest brands we sell, Iron Gear Nutrition. There was two replies to customers asking to change delivery dates, I had one to the freight company to remove the latest container from my warehouse, one to the warehouse to ensure orders are going out today, another to a supplier in the USA authorizing a ship date for a container, one more to a wholesale customer in need of their goods, and a message to my parents to tell them I’m boarding soon.

Why tell you this? To talk about how busy I am? No. To tell you how much I love what I do. I love being a business owner, and I love waking up at 3am. The truth is I checked my phone every hour last night, eager to wake up and see what problems I can solve today. This business is not something that was given to me, but it is something that can be taken away in a blink of an eye. I never forgot how fortunate I am, but there are those times where the stress is all consuming. Finding a “work-life” balance is not reality, reality is knowing that the balance is never going to be there.

I’ve been told my blogs are too business related, and that I do not focus enough on nutrition, for this I am sorry, but frankly, I do not write for this reason. I write to express, I write to inspire, and I write to those dreamers out there who are searching for that spark in their own life, and who are driven by their own ambitions. If you want nutrition facts, maybe these will come later but by someone with much more knowledge of the field then me. 

So lets talk business! It has been a while since I have posted anything, and there is no excuse for this other then I only write when I am inspired. Sitting on this plane watching the sun come up over this part of the world which most of my friends back home know nothing about, is inspirational to say the least. There are so many opportunities to grow and spread the GymShack name here, and growing is what we are doing. We have recently switched warehouses… again. We are now in a much bigger place, check out Instagram for the pictures. We now have more room to expand, more drivers to deliver, and more staff to help. My main goal this trip was to secure warehousing and iron out some issues we have had with the transition. You may also have noticed we are running more promos now! This is not for any other reason then I am focusing on it and it is a serious part of our strategy. You will also see our marketing channels pick up, images look better, emails are more professional and communication is more interactive. You will also notice that stock will be more readily available, with shorter if any wait times between shipments. In terms of expanding to new products, we will only do this once the stock position is stable as new products take time, money, and risk. I can’t release too much information in fear that my competitors read my posts, but what I can say is that this company is evolving. Evolving into something that takes the best resources from my home in the USA in terms of service, technology, video, and logistics and brings it to your home in Singapore.

As always, I need to thank all of you for your continued support. From those customers back when the site was a black background, and our product range was small, to those who are not customers but are still reading this. It is you guys who we serve and who we measure our success, not by our bottom line. I have gotten many emails from supporters, who believe in what we are doing as a company, and as a philosophy in business, and I want to thank you.

This is for those of you who have found your passion already and are working daily to perfect it, and those are still searching. Whether it is business, art, engineering, construction, design, anything, know that you are not alone in your search for something greater then yourself. Whether you are a CEO or a janitor, work hard, be respectful, and appreciate what you have, your dedication will not go unnoticed and you will have your day.



Owner and Founder

March 10, 2016 by Mike S

There is someone out there, right now, trying to steal your business.

This is the understatement of a lifetime. When you have a career, you have a paycheck, you have your bills, your rent and you have your savings. For the most part it is stable. When you are an entrepreneur, a true entrepreneur, you must live every day, every second, like there is someone out there trying to steal your business, your customers, your ideas, and sometimes, your money. This is true on all accounts, from every aspect, and at all times.


Why do I start a blog post like this, so negative? For me, it’s not negative it is the truth, and my reality every day. I am a true believer that competition breeds success. You are only as strong as your next strongest competitor, and you should constantly look at the competitor behind you, as well as the one ahead of you. For me, to those honest, formidable competitors, I say bring it on! Maybe we will work together some day! Most companies are out to do the same as me, provide for their families, and try to earn a profit. But there are a few, a small few that are malicious, clueless, and have no morals. Who am I referring to? I received a “lawyer” letter from a company who in my view is the very bottom of the pack, a complete joke, claiming I cannot sell the same products as them, and then asking me to buy from them. If you are reading this I’m sure you know who you are, coward. To my fellow competitors who probably received the same letter, you are not alone, and a company like this will NEVER survive, so don’t stress it too much :)


Ok, enough of my rant, karma. On a lighter side, I just wanted to again thank the readers of this blog and my customers who are loyal and dedicated. I like to have an idea of the Gym Shack customer. The guy or girl who walks down the street and has the confidence in them to tackle the world, one gym session at a time. Remembering “what we do in life, echoes in eternity.” – quote from one of the greatest movies ever made. Actually that would be a good future post, who is the Gym Shack customer? Any ideas? Leave them below.

For those of you who follow my Instagram (there is a link at the bottom of this page), you’ll also know that my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in March. I couldn’t be more excited to be a dad, and cannot believe that it’s actually happening. I’m sure many of you have kids, or maybe are kids yourself, but when I first found out my outlook on life completely changed, and a strange feeling of purpose came over me. My purpose in this life is to be a great husband to my wife, a great father to my kids. Future blog posts to come.


On the business side, we are working hard to 1. Stay in stock 2. Bring in the new products and flavours that you guys are requesting. 3. Keeping our prices low despite the inflating dollar. All of these things have a direct effect on our business, and these are my main goals as the business owner. We are also looking at new locations and increasing our presence in the USA. We have also reached a deal to bring in a new brand, unknown, and unsold in Asia, and we will be the first. More updates to come on this one.


Personally, once our daughter is born we will all be making a trip to Singapore. During this time I will definitely set up a meet and greet for anyone who is interested to come down to the warehouse and chat. I am not in Singapore for most of the year and I don’t claim to be, but Singapore holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I met my beautiful wife, started my business, and met a lot of great people.


Until next time… (leave your comments below, I like to see what you guys think)



Owner and Founder


January 24, 2015 by Mike S

I'm not RICH, I'm an Entrepreneur!

Yesterday I watched this video on YouTube about this guy who was 25 years old and drives an Audi R8. It was titled something like "how am I 25 and I can afford an R8". In the video he went on to describe how he runs his own company and he left his career to be an entrepreneur. I found this very interesting and relatable (minus the R8). He has definitely done a great job with his life so far, but it lead me to think of all the times in my life, and especially in the last few months since I quite my job, that people have assumed the life of an entrepreneur is driving around in an R8 at 25, and taking off every afternoon to play golf. 

I thought this would be a good time to give you guys an update of how its been going over the last few months since I left the bank (it's been about 6 months now). I got some really good feedback on my first post, and no hate mail to date. When I say some, I mean like 4 people have said they liked it, but if thats 4 people who I can reach, then I'm happy. So let's try it again!

In the few months leading up to me deciding to leave my job, things were all good, I was living off my day job's salary and not taking anything, and I mean, anything, from GymShack. I was driving my C350 Mercedes Coupe, (remember I live in the USA and it is NOT a 300K car here), and paying my bills on time every month. When I left work, I was done for the day! 

Then the day came for me to leave. I knew that GymShack would not grow if I didn't 100% commit to making it grow, and I needed to put every piece of effort I had into making it better. At the same time, my career at the bank would not grow if I was splitting my time between work and my own business. This is a picture of me on my last day of work at the bank, giving a nice "PEACE OUT" sign! 

So what happened next? The first few months were just shock, shock that I didn't have a salary anymore, that I couldn't relay on my bank job to pay my car payment and support my family, it was now 100% on me, and only me. To survive, I needed to grow, and fast! And to grow, I needed to get to work!

A few things I did right away was think about how I can have an impact on the company the most, how can I make the experience better for my customers, so that they tell their friends, and they themselves want to come back to purchase from me again. One of the first things you may have noticed is the GymShack chat! On the lower left corner of the screen there is either a "contact us" or a "chat with us" button if we are online. We are the first, and let me say again the FIRST and only supplement company in Singapore to offer live chat to our customers. It is not 24 hours, but it is on most Singapore nights, which is USA mornings. Most of the time, it is me on the other end! Although sometimes I use another name so I'm not ridiculed for something! This allows me to talk to you, my customers, anytime! I have learned so much just by being on the other end of this. Things like: How can I make the order process more clear? and What products are people really looking for? Because of this we have brought in new products, new flavours, made the checkout process easier, our delivery process more transparent, and some other general tweaks to make the site and our service better. Great move Mike, great move. So for you guys out there, definitely check out this option and let us know what you think! It just might be me on the other end!

Ok, back to running the business and dealing with my new life. It became very apparent that I needed to change my lifestyle if I wanted this whole working for myself thing, to work. I immediately traded in my Mercedes for a Honda, I almost cried, I love cars, and we (my wife and I) cut out ALL other things in our lives that we didn't need. Every dollar I took from the business, was one that could have helped it grow.


So sad to see you go :(


At least I can fit a lot of boxes of protein!

When I was at the bank, I could leave at 6PM and be done for the day, I could go home and relax, (or rather, work on GymShack), but my day was over in terms of my job. When I left I thought, "What am I going to do with all my spare time?? I can't possibly fill it with GymShack work?". Oh, how I was wrong. I work more now then I ever did in my life. This is the most demanding job I have EVER had, and on top of that I have to worry about being able to take out enough at the end of the month to may my bills. The stress is over bearing and the rewards are slim. I do get to stay home with my wife every day, but I work from the time I get up, until the time I go to bed, If I could only find a way to work while I sleep I think I could be at least 30% more productive. I have sacrificed stability for the hope of a more fulfilled life. 

I remember I used to take coffee breaks at the bank, not because I wanted coffee, but because I wanted my day to end faster, and the 15 minutes it would take was 15 minutes less that I had to sit at my desk. Now, somedays, I forget to eat lunch. My wife literally needs to remind me. I look down at my clock at 6pm and don't think, "Great! Time to end work" but instead, "Oh My God, it's already 6! I'm not done yet!" Then I eat dinner with my wife, and I try to avoid spending the night on my laptop or phone. 

I once had an email from an angry customer after I raised some prices on products. He said something along the lines that I was a money hungry company only interested in profits and not concerned with maintaining my commitment to the customers. Maybe that same person is reading this article, I don't know. All I can say to that is, I'm just trying to feed my family. 

There are times when I get discouraged, days even, weeks, but then there are those days. Those days when I remember the coffee breaks, I remember staring at excel screens with more rows then you can imagine, thinking to myself, what value will this create in this life? On these days all I can see is the future of GymShack. The future of a company who's sole purpose is to provide people all over the world, starting with Singapore of course, with some of the best sports nutrition supplements on the planet, while also supporting my family now, and my future family to come. 

This is where my motivation comes from, to create a better life for my family. And in a lot of ways, the same motivation that we all search for in the gym, to be a better, stronger person tomorrow then we are today. 

All I can say is thanks to my loyal customers who have bee there from the beginning, to my new customers that find us and have the confidence to give us a try, and especially to my beautiful, supportive wife, who sees me through all of the hard days and long nights on my laptop. Without her support, I would not have had the courage to leave the bank in the first place.

To all of you out there who have a dream, whether it's to work for yourself, get a new job, or increase your bench by 10lbs, I say go for it! But don't expect it to be easy, don't expect that life will hand you your success. You must earn it, and only you can make it happen. Once you get there, and someday you will get there if your determined enough, remember those coffee breaks in your life, and never go back.


Until next time.



Owner and Founder 


(Writing this post on my deck, drinking a GymShack Whey protein shake!)



If you all have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. 


October 04, 2014 by Mike S

GymShack beginnings!

Hi GymShack Community! 

First, I'd just like to thank all of our loyal customers for visiting and shopping with us over the years! We are entering our 3rd year of business, with thousands of customers served, and even more bottles of protein sold! It's thanks to our customers who have been with us through the past years of successes, failures and transition that has helped to grow our company to what it is today. We remain one of the best priced, most efficient source of ordering supplements and try to offer enough verity to get you all the products you want! 

I wanted to start the blog to give you guys an inside view of our company, keep in mind my english and humour is American, so I may be hard to understand at times. Also, my spelling and grammar is terrible, I'm a business man, not an English teacher.

My name is Mike and I'm the owner of A quick background of myself, I'm American, I was born in the USA, and spent my younger years enjoying life. Growing up I loved riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, playing american football, racing street bikes in the country, and I have a passion for cars, healthy lifestyle, and of course business. 

In college I entered a business plan competition and won 1st place with an idea to rent street bikes in NYC. I was awarded a grant, and my first company was born. My passion has always driven me in business, and my first company was no exception. The idea was to rent street bikes out of my garage, so with my grant money and a bike I had already owned, my first business was launched. When the summer ended, I sold all the bikes and bought 12 ATVs and started rented 4 wheel drive off road machines on weekends. I ran my first company for 2 years until I moved to Singapore, at which time I shut the doors. 

This was my first business!

While all this was going on, I graduated from college (university) and immediately started working at one of the best investment banks on Wall Street (Which shall remain nameless). After 18 months, I relocated to Singapore, where I then worked for another 4 years before I started! started as an idea, being American I was used to getting the best products at great prices, and at that time when I moved to Singapore, I couldn't find them, and if I could it was extremely expensive. My business sense kicked in, and I filled the bomb shelter of my apartment with the best supplements that money could buy! For you guys that remember way back when, I used to go to Singpost every morning before work and ship out the orders individually. This was not only expensive, but it was probably really funny to see some American on the MRT carrying 20 lbs of protein every morning. But, with some great loyal customers, moved from my bomb shelter, into a warehouse, and into what it is today. 

This whole time I was working at the bank, and running my business on the side, until recently. I quit my bank job 4 months ago, and I am running full time, maybe I'll have another post about this in the future. Now, I spend my time traveling between the USA and Singapore, trying to grow the company and look for ways to expand. 

I'm sorry if this was a long post, but I thought it would be great to be able to let our customers see what it is that drives our company. This company was built on hard work, determination, sacrifice, as well as a little luck here and there. I am a firm believer that you make your own destiny, that no one can hold you back, and you have the power to determine where you will be and what kind of person you will become.

Thanks again for all the support over the years, with your help, and our innovation, hopefully we will be around for a long time to come.





Owner and Founder 

July 26, 2014 by Mike S